Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

The National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People defines sexual exploitation as:

“Sexual exploitation of children and young people under 18 involves exploitative situations, contexts and relationships where young people (or a third person or persons) receive ‘something’ (e.g. food, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, affection, gifts, money) as a result of them performing, and/or another or others performing on them, sexual activities.

Child Sexual Exploitation can occur through use of technology without the child's immediate recognition; for example the persuasion to post sexual images on the internet / mobile phones with no immediate payment or gain.

In all cases, those exploiting the child / young person have power over them by virtue of their age, gender, intellect, physical strength and / or economic or other resources. Violence, coercion and intimidation are common, involvement in exploitative relationships being characterised in the main by the child or young person’s limited availability of choice resulting from their social / economic and / or emotional vulnerability”

This is an issue that Redland Green School takes seriously. Students are made aware of the issues surrounding CSE and how to keep themselves safe through both curriculum time and assemblies/special events. 

Parents who have any concerns about CSE should contact the school’s safeguarding team immediately. The charity Barnado’s have produced an excellent leaflet that gives parents information and advice about protecting their children against sexual exploitation. This can be found on their website at