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Exam Information

Redland Green School and North Bristol Post 16 Centre exams timetables will be published at the beginning  of Term 4; once all specifications have been confirmed, individual entries and tiers (GCSE)  have been collated ,verified and entered with the exam boards.

Thereafter  Individual Candidate Timetables will be published. We cannot confirm individual timetables before this time.

Please check the Redland Green School and North Bristol Post 16 Centre websites nearer the time to confirm study leave arrangements.


Summer 2018 Exam Results


GCSE Exam Results - GCSE Post Results Services - please click here
                                    GCSE Post Results Services Fees - please click here


Please click here to download a letter about post results services that Post 16 students can also collect after their results on 16 August.


GCE/L3 BTEC - Thursday 16 August 2018, in the Post 16 Atrium
  • Yr 13 at 8.30 am - 10.30 am
  • Yr 12 at 11.00 am - 12.00 noon


GCSE/L2 BTEC - Thursday 23 August 2018, in the Main Hall
  • at 8.30 am -10.30am

All results must be collected in person by the student.  Students may nominate someone to collect results , written permission must be received by the Exams Office and  photo ID will be requested. Please click here for permission form


Please address all exams related queries to for the attention of

Mrs J Cliff, Exams Officer


Information about Exams


Preparing for your Exams

Click here for useful revision resources

The lead up to exams is crucial for determining how successful you will be in your exams.  There is a clear link between the amount of revision and the grades that students achieve.  Sadly, there is no short cut. Please use your time wisely to continue your revision and to fully prepare for the exams.

Be active with your revision by:

On the day of your exam make sure you have a good breakfast/lunch and drink plenty of water. Everyone wants you to do well, so stay calm, do your best and good luck! 


Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.”         

Dr. Samuel Johnson