Redland Green School

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Governors' Role

This information has been compiled from a number of sources including the London Borough of Brent website, Bristol City Council's Governor Development Service and elsewhere. You can find more detailed information on school governance at

What do Governors do?

A Governing Body is accountable to parents, the Local Authority and ultimately the Department for Education.

It plays a strategic and monitoring role, meaning it concentrates on the issues of school leadership, leaving the day-to-day running of the school to the Headteacher, who remains accountable for school performance to the Governing Body. Governors are, however, involved in reviewing exclusions and dealing with any cases of staff disciplinary appeals.

Although the composition of the Governing Body reflects a wide range of community groups, members have a collective responsibility for decisions made. As such, individual members are unable to act as a representative for anyone in an individual case.

When do the Governors meet?

Governors at Redland Green School meet at least three times a year as a ‘full body' to discuss the running of the school from a strategic perspective. This includes looking at the school's budget, curriculum, buildings, policies (eg behaviour, health and safety, performance management), overall ethos and direction, long-term planning, special education needs, targets for student performance and staffing structure.

The majority of on-going work is done by Committees that meet and report back to the full body in between full meetings. At Redland Green we have the following Committees:

Working groups may also be set up to look at particular issues. Approved Minutes of full meetings are always made publicly available via our website at Governors' Minutes as soon as is practical.