Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

The Governing Board

Lawayne Jefferson (Chair of Governors)


Community Governor


Lawayne Jefferson, Community Governor, joined the Governing Body in October 2010. Lawayne is currently Chair of Governors. Lawayne has previously been the Link Governor for  the North Bristol Post 16 Centre (RGS Learning Community). A Communications / Public Relations & Marketing Professional, Lawayne has also taught in tertiary education and headed a charity, helping to mobilise educational support for children-in-need. Lawayne has completed the NCTL, Chairs of  Governors’ Leadership Development Programme and is now a National Leader of Governance (NLG).

Committee membership: Audit, Finance, Leadership and Students, Post 16 Steering Group (Co-Chair) and Post 16 Partnership Group

Governor responsible for: Governor training and induction, performance management of the Headteacher and student voice

Sarah Baker


Sarah is Headteacher of Redland Green School and is a Staff Governor.

Committee membership: Finance, Leadership and Students

National Leader of Education (NLE)

  Ciara Campfield Community Governor

Ciara Campfield, joined the Governing Body as a Community Governor in September 2015. Ciara is an Education Lawyer specialising in academies and MATs and works as a Senior Associate.

Committee Membership: Leadership

MAT Link Governor

  Sarah Everett-Cox Community Governor 

Sarah joined the Governing Body in September 2015 and is a qualified accountant with over 10 years experience working within finance roles in Higher Education (University of Bristol). Her expertise is in budgeting, planning and forecasting. She is also a co-opted governor at a local primary school.

Committee membership: Chair, Audit and Finance 

Finance Link Governor



Community Governor 

Catherine became a Community Governor in April 2014.  Her background is as a family lawyer.

Staffing Committee: Chair

Governor responsible for: staff development, staff voice and performance management of the Headteacher

Andy Scoble

Parent Governor

Andy joined the Governing Body as a parent governor in November 2014. Andy has two children at RGS and also acts as a trustee of FORGS (Friends of Redland Green School). He runs his own business consultancy specialising in recruitment, development and change management.

Committee Membership: Students (Chair) and Leadership

Link Governor for parent voice


Rod Symmons


Community Governor

Rod is the Vicar of Redland Parish Church and a Recognised Teacher at the University of Bristol. He was a member of the Temporary Governing Body before Redland Green opened and is currently a member of the Trust and a Community Governor.

Committee membership: Students

Governor responsible for: child protection, children in care & young carers (including e-safety)

  Barry Trahar


Community Governor

Barry joined the Governing Body in September 2008 as a Community Governor and is a retired University Manager & Administrator.

Committee membership: Audit and Finance

  Tim Whitaker  Parent Governor 

Tim joined the Governing Body in December 2014 as a Parent Governor. He works as a consultant in the lighting industry.

Committee membership: Students, Post 16 Link

Governor responsible for: STEM

Louise Blundell Attendee

Louise is Head of School of Redland Green School.

Committee membership: Leadership and Students

Nick Lind Attendee

Nick is Deputy Headteacher of Redland Green School.

Committee membership: Leadership and Students

Elizabeth Jahn Clerk

The role of Clerk is to ensure that the Governing Body follows agreed and proper procedures, operates within its powers and the business of the Governing Body is conducted smoothly and efficiently. The Clerk has a pivotal role in managing the business of the Governing Body and in making sure the Governing Body fulfils its responsibilities and adds value to the process of governance. The work of the Clerk includes preparing Agendas, taking and distributing Minutes, and providing effective administrative support, procedural and legislative advice to the Governing Body. Elizabeth has been the Clerk at Redland Green School since 2006.  Elizabeth is also Clerk to 10 other schools in Bristol and the Bristol Drugs Project.

Elizabeth also jointly owns a hairdressing salon with her husband!

Where are the Governors drawn from?

The Governing Body is formed by the school’s stakeholders - namely volunteers from the parent body, the local and wider community, as well as its employees ie the Headteacher and elected members of school staff.

There are two main types of Governor - of which there are also different categories:

Governors normally serve a term of office of four years.  Governors are required to declare any business or pecuniary interests in relation to the school; these are noted in the RGS Business-Pecuniary Interests Register of Governors.