Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

National Schools Rowing Regatta

On Saturday 16 May 2009 students Katherine, Anna and Vikki competed in the Worcester rowing regatta and won it by three lengths. This was preparation for the National School Rowing Regatta held in Nottingham on Friday 22 May 2009.


Through the City of Bristol Rowing Club the students entered as a junior 14 quad team and were joined by Aimée.


They started the day very early at 6.00am to do extra training. Later in the morning they met Matthew Pinsent, the quadruple Olympic gold medallist rower!


Finally it was race time; their quad was fifth to race. The weather was not on their side but they managed a smooth start. Throughout the race out stroke, Anna, kept them at an excellent steady rate and their timing was good. Cox, Alice, kept them in high spirits and pushed them through the challenging kilometre.


The quad beat 11 other quads to come 20th and only missed out form qualifying for the semi-finals by one second!