Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Year 13 Product Design Project: Callum's Chair

The Brief: Year 13 Product Design students were tasked with identifying a client with a 'problem' and designing a product that will 'fix' the problem.

Hugo Russell decided to make use of the excellent links that Redland Green has with Claremont School and its students. He worked with one of Claremont School's Year 9 students, Callum. His basic needs are quite specific and in terms of sitting down Hugo designed a chair to fit these needs. For example, the seat of the chair is titled back so that Callum can't slide out of the chair and the back rest of the chair curves outwards supporting his back. Hugo also designed the chair with additional functionality including power, so Callum can plug his ipod in and have lighting on the chair.

Not only did Hugo design a really functional, well designed product, but it looks really beautiful too and it got Callum's stamp of approval too! Well done Hugo!