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Anti-Bullying Week, 19-23 November 2012



CyberMentors is about young people helping and supporting each other online and face to face. If students are being bullied, or are feeling a bit low, or are maybe troubled by something and they are not sure what to do or who to talk to, then CyberMentors is where they can go for help.  It does not matter how big or small the problem is, CyberMentors are here to listen and support. The best thing about it is that CyberMentors are young people too.  Many young people have said that they would prefer to speak to another young person about bullying. That is why CyberMentors are young people too. They have been trained and are volunteering their time online to help their peers. To find out more go to

At Redland Green we have the CyberMentor programme in place. Currently we have 30 students, ranging from Year 9 to Year 13, who have undergone CyberMentor training to support and give advice to other students affected by bullying, online or otherwise. We will be relaunching this project during Anti-Bullying Week so that the CyberMentors work specifically with Year 7 and Year 8 students. Initially the CyberMentors will be introducing themselves to Year 7 and Year 8 students in mentor time and meeting regularly with them as a group. The CyberMentors also work with students who we know are experiencing difficulties.

Please contact Ms Williams to find out more about CyberMentors at Redland Green

Ms J Williams

Head of Larks

Triple R. Programme: Anti-Bullying Week!

We are very lucky to be able to offer the following exciting opportunity to some of our Year 8 classes.

Introducing... Triple R programme: Recognise, Report, Resolve.

Unique Voice is a Bristol-based theatre company that use original performance and drama workshops to explore social issues affecting children and young people today. We are proud to be supported by the NSPCC, Bristol City Council and our patron Sir Patrick Stewart.

This November Unique Voice is launching our Triple R Anti-bullying programme to schools and organisations across Bristol. The programme has been design to be an active tool to tackle the issues surrounding bullying at both a Primary School and Secondary School level.

The Triple R project is designed to...

The Triple R project will enable young people to...