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Anti-Bullying Week 2011

Anti-Bullying Week 2011 was marked in Redland Green School with a series of assemblies to all year groups. The theme this year was 'Stop and think - words can hurt'. Every year we survey the students about bullying. This year we asked students about the language they hear used in school.  A group of Year 10 students worked with an organisation called EACH (Education Action Challenging Homophobia) to survey the students and ask them about racist, homophobic, disablist and sexist language heard in school. An action plan was produced based on the results and this included a new campaign called 'Use another word'. 'Use another word' is what we can say if we are offended by something someone says. We can ask people to use another word that is not discriminatory or hurtful to others. 

We therefore ask all members of the Redland Green community, students, staff, parents and carers, to be part of the solution and to say 'USE ANOTHER WORD' if they hear language they find offensive. We want a RESPECTFUL learning environment where everyone feels safe.  

I would like to thank the following Year 10 students for their hard work and commitment to the project:










Bradley Stoke Community School Anti-Bullying Conference

A selection of the above students represented Redland Green School at an anti-bullying conference on 17 November where several schools were present. They outlined their findings and spoke about our new anti-bullying campaign. They were very impressive and were an absolute credit to the school. 
Ms J Williams, Head of House