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Authors Robin Jarvis and Will Hill Visit RGS

Authors Will Hill and Robin Jarvis visited RGS on 18 May 2011, courtesy of Harper Collins 'Spill the Ink Tour 2011' and the Bristol School Library Service

We were delighted to be able to host this author event with Will Hill and Robin Jarvis for students from Year 8 and Year 9. Robin Jarvis, whose genre is Horror/Fantasy, is best known for his 'Deptford Mice' books and has recently published a new book, 'Dancing Jax’, described as 'a brilliant supernatural thriller with a modern twist'.

Will Hill is a new author, whose début novel 'Department 19' is a fresh take on the vampire novel. His book is heavily influenced by the North East of England where he was brought up, an area steeped in vampire mythology and inspired equally by a love of the horror genre, films and TV and computer games. 

Both authors talked about what has inspired them to write and read extracts from their new books. At the end students had the opportunity to ask questions and to have books signed. 

Here are some of the comments students said about the event:

'I learnt a lot about how to get started in writing....'

'It was an amazing event. It was very good to hear how they write their books....'

‘It was fun. It was a new interesting way to find out about new authors/books...'

‘It was really fun, interesting. One of the authors was really mental, the other plays video games - really cool. A good way to find out about new authors and books.'

‘It was awesome. Robin Jarvis was great. I loved the way he talked about how he integrated all his teachers into his characters.'

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Student Review of the Author’s Visit

Rosie, Year 8

Meeting an author was a completely new experience for me. Our school Vista (library) was laid out in a very professional manner. We had a semi-circle of chairs for us to sit in and we had two seats for Robin Jarvis and Will Hill at the front. So first up was Robin Jarvis, and he stood at the front and told us a little bit about his past. Robin had always wanted to be a graphic designer and had chosen to do that at University. But it never quite fulfilled him, so when he’d finished a long day he would come home and start drawing some cartoons. Before long, Robin had given his characters names and had their whole life written out. He found his stories relieving, and if he didn’t like someone he would take it out on them in his stories; most of them from the horror genre. He mentioned his school boy days when his class were given the task of writing a story, and how as they were handed back after being marked, the rest of the class would be praised with a “very good” or “I like the way you have written this”. But Robin’s would always be “this is disturbing boy! What’s the matter with you?”  This made us all laugh. So from Robin talking to us we all got the idea he had always been into the gothic horror genre. And we were pleased he’d followed his dreams otherwise we wouldn’t have such disturbing, yet entertaining novels.

So next up was Will Hill. Now, he’s new on the scene so we were eager to find out all about him. Will explained that he loved writing his books in places that he had experience in. he loved showing the real horror side of vampires, not concentrate on the lovey dovey parts. He wanted to go back to the more traditional themes. Will showed his interest in video games, especially his Xbox. He told us that his dream would be to have ‘Department 19’ (his latest novel), turned into his own video game. He said “it would be epic!”

After we had found out some information about them both we had a question and answer session. Edwood, a Year 8 student at RGS, asked most of the questions. He asked a wide variety and helped us gain even more information. Overall, the experience was fantastic, and I’d hope some more authors would visit our school.

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