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Breaking News, Our First Flash Mob Hits the Canteen

Take a Look at Our First Ever Flash Mob!

Hopefully you’ve seen the recent T-Mobile adverts, featuring unsuspecting members of the public, in a public place, suddenly bursting into song and dance and gathering crowds of people around them. Everyone is slightly unsure as to what exactly is going on until it clicks: it’s a Flash Mob! Well, on the last day of term 3, the VOX choir held RGS’s first ever Flash Mob in the school canteen at break time! They sang and danced to C-Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ and, in true Flash Mob style, the event was videoed for you to see. Well done to all the members of VOX involved – it took a lot of confidence to stand up and do it, so well done!

Who knows? Maybe there’ll be more Flash Mobs to come…

Mrs E Wilson (Music)

Wikipedia Definition of Flash Mob: A Flash Mob is a term coined in 2003 to denote a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment and/or satire. Flash Mobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.

Take a look at the video below to see the Flash Mob in the Redland Green canteen...


RGS Breaking News: Flashmob Hits the Canteen! from Fiona Parnell on Vimeo.