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Celebrating Students in Music

During term 5, I set my Year 7 classes an extended homelearning project to make their own musical instruments. Having been inspired by The Scrapheap Orchestra, students were excited by the challenge! During the last week of term 5, students brought their instruments in to demonstrate to their classmates. The results were exceptional!

Alistair arrived with one of the most incredible things I have ever seen! He had made an upright bass out of PVC tubing and made his own pickup to amplify the sound. Alistair’s efforts were outstanding. I am so impressed that I would actually buy one! Well done! 

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George's instrument was tubular bells-inspired, making his frame from strong wood, and the bells from copper piping.

Both students will receive Headteacher’s Commendations for their outstanding work.

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I’m really pleased with all the students’ efforts for this homelearning task. An additional Headteacher’s Commendation goes to Louis for his fantastic Diddly Bo (slide guitar-type instrument).

Well done to all students! Please note, there are more pictures on the website in news.

Mrs Wilson