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Come and Join in with the RGS 'Twitterings' at

Over the past year RGS has become part of the world that is Twitter! Yes it may have a slightly silly name, but we believe it's a great way to instantly communicate with our students, staff and parents and carers. And lots of our curriculum areas and departments are now doing it...from the Learning Resource Centre to PE to History to German and French to the Senior Leadership Team and more!
Here are just a few things that have appeared on the RGS Twitter feeds in the last month...
  • @RGSLaFosca tweeted live updates from the beach in Spain, while Year 8 and Year 9 students were on their watersports trip.

  • @RGSPE have been tweeting in earnest about recent sports events galore!
  • @RGS_Bristol began tweeting weekly good news stories!
  • All of us tweeted tons of exam tips for Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13!
  • Home Learning has been shared (@RGSHistory @RGSDeutsch and @RGSMusicDept especially).