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Commonwealth Youth Summit

Commonwealth Youth Summit

On 4 and 5 March, nine students from the Student Research Council (Jethro, Kate, Becki, Tejveer, Jaymin, Emily, Fergus, Issi and Matt) took part in the two day Commonwealth Youth Summit in Bristol.  On the first day at the Colston Hall, students took part in workshops to help with their confidence and public speaking.  In these workshops we also talked about global issues such as Maternal Health and Education; and concerns that young people have throughout the Commonwealth.

On the second day, we went to the amazing Council buildings and debated issues and solutions affecting the Commonwealth in the Council Chamber.  Each person took on the role of a country within the Commonwealth and discussed health and education issues that directly affected their country, presenting them to the Secretary General.  We then debated solutions in our roles and agreed them in a written Communiqué.  Later, young people from all over Bristol were given the chance to talk about real issues that face them and presented them to the Lord Mayor.

It was a very enjoyable and exciting opportunity for everyone involved and we look forward to participating in future events.

Jethro, Year 9


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