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Congratulations to Year 13 Student who won a place on 38th Rotary Youth World Affairs Seminar

Florence, Year 13 student at Redland Green post 16 centre, has been successful in her application to the 38th Rotary Youth World Affairs Seminar from 20-26 June 2015 at Carroll University, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.

The week-long Rotary Youth World Affairs Seminar is a unique program for school/college students from around the World, where since 1972 it has provided a forum for over 27,000 future leaders to debate some of the most perplexing global issues and problems in the non-threatening environment of Carroll University, Wisconsin.

This year the topic for the seminar is ‘Global Energy - Who’s got the Power?’ The students will be discussing and debating how to find practical, political and affordable solutions to the World’s energy supplies.

Florence applied to the International Rotary Club with a personal statement covering why they should pick her as one of the three candidates they send to the seminar. She undertook two interviews, one of which was with the local Rotary Club and the second was in Gloucester and was a national level interview. After these interviews the Rotary Club called Florence to inform her she was successful in her application.

Florence stated, “I have always been interested in environmental problems and issues. I have gone on marches and I am also a member of the Youth Council, so this is such an exciting opportunity for me.”

Florence is studying French, politics and 16th century history A levels and plans to go to university after a gap year.

For more information about the Rotary Youth World Affairs Seminar click here.