Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Congratulations to our High Flying Year 12 Chemists!

Recently our Year 12 Chemistry students entered the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge (C3L6). This is designed by Cambridge University and challenges students beyond the curriculum.  Students sat a 90-minute paper during one of their Chemistry lessons. We are thrilled for our students as they have achieved some amazing results that have been confirmed by Cambridge University. In particular:

  • Chris achieved the Roentgenium award (below Gold in the periodic table so similar to a Platinum award).  This places Chris in the top 0.5% of students in the country!  Chris will be invited to a Chemistry Residential Course at Cambridge University.
  • Joe, David and Carmel all achieved a Gold award.  This places them within the top 4% of students in the country. Cambridge class these marks as outstanding and students have demonstrated a significant leap beyond A-level.
  • Cameron and Jess achieved Silver awards, showing they were able to think their way successfully through unfamiliar material.
  • 10 students achieved the Copper award.