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Connecting Classrooms from Bristol to New Delhi

Earlier in the academic year RGS’s Deputy Headteacher Ms Garland took part in the first part of an exciting international project that aims at building lasting partnerships between schools in the UK and others around the world. The project is called Connecting Classrooms, and involves developing relationships and understanding between young people in different societies, creating a safer and more connected world for the future.

Nationally, many UK schools are involved in this project, and locally Redland Green are working in partnership with two other secondary schools (Fairfield and Orchard) and three primary schools (Upper Horfield Community School and St Theresa’s and Fonthill Primary Schools), linking with a number of India’s New Delhi public schools.

As part of this project Ms Garland got the opportunity to visit a number of schools in New Delhi, over a 12-day trip. When touring the eight schools she visited, she was able to observe lessons and see first hand the passion for education the students and teachers have in New Delhi. Students clearly valued their education and articulated passionately how it would advantage their lives. In addition, a comprehensive cultural programme was organised by the schools and this gave Ms Garland a real taste of life in New Delhi, school and otherwise.

While she was in India, Ms Garland created a photo diary, which gives a real snap shot of her trip. Take a look at the photo galleries below to find out how she got on…


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For more photo galleries of Ms Garlands trip click here.

The second part of the project involves Principals from India visiting Bristol schools, including Redland Green School, in June 2011. The visiting representatives are:

Representatives from Amity School, Modern School and Sardar Patel Vidyalaya School have been unable to join the rest of the Delhi cluster for this visit.

The Principals will experience a cultural and academic programme and will be visiting Redland Green School on the morning of Thursday, 23 June. Their full programme is outlined below. In particular, time spent in schools will explore how student leadership is developed differently in Delhi and Bristol, and also how inclusion is promoted.

Programme of Activity



Sunday 19 June


Monday 20 June                           AM

Fairfield school


Cultural visit, Wales



Tuesday 21 June                          AM

Upper Horfield Community School

Orchard School


Orchard School


Collaborative meeting to plan the next steps for the Connecting Classrooms project

Wednesday 22 June                     AM

Fonthill Primary School

St Teresa’s Primary School


Cultural visit, Bath


Cultural visit, Bath

Thursday 23 June                                   AM

Redland Green School

Bristol University


Free time to explore Bristol


Collective dinner

Friday 24 June                             AM


Although in the early stages of development, it is hoped that the links forged between the New Delhi and Bristol cluster will promote students’ understanding of different cultures and facilitate better global awareness. From teachers’ perspectives, it is hoped that pedagogical approaches and good practices can be shared.