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DofE Latest News: Expedition Planning... Cameron, Warbler House

Planner Session:  11 January 2012

We started the after-school session with a small talk from Miss Walden, and then she split us into two groups.  One stayed with her and the other left the room and spent the session with Mr Hauge.  I happened to be in the group with Mr Hauge. We then got into the groups, which we would be in for the hikes later on in the year and were given a map, and he ran through how to do grid references. After a while arguing about what we were actually meant to find on the map, we finally got the hang of it and were soon finding the grid references like they were second nature and you know what they say “time fly’s when you’re having fun!”  

2nd Expedition Planning Meeting, January 2012

We started again by splitting into two groups, one with Miss Walden and one with Mr Tipper. I was in Mr Tipper’s group and he started talking about some of the things we would need to know when we were out in the wild.  The first was common sense and how we could use it to help us. Then we moved on to ‘handrails’ which wasn’t just a big rail going along next to you but how we could use things like rivers and roads to guide us to where we had to go, which sounded simple enough. We then started on ‘yay points’, which are essentially check points which tell you that you have gone the right way, so far. Then there was ‘time’ which was about roughly how long you had been walking for; this could give you an estimate on how far you had gone. The 5th was ‘setting the map’ and making sure you knew the direction you were going in was the right one and not just assuming that the way you were facing was North, this included compass reading. ‘Pacing’ was the final one; it was about knowing how far you had gone by counting your steps and how long you had been going for. This maybe doesn’t sound like the most exiting session but we came out of it knowing that we had learnt a thing or two!