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Dress Up as Your Favourite Book Character Day: Friday, 4 October

Every year we have a day where students (and staff) can dress up as their favorite book characters and raise money for the Library's nominated charity, Book Aid International. This year it is on Friday, 4 October. All we ask is for a £1.00 donation as you arrive in school. 

You could theme your costumes in your Mentor Groups or get a group of friends together to work out some ideas. Or you may choose to do something on your own. We have had fantastic costumes in the past where students have been really creative. 

If dressing up is not your thing. Don't worry it is not compulsory. However the more people get involved the more fun it is. 

The serious side to this is to raise money to provide books for school and educational libraries across Sub-Saharan Africa. Click here to see some of the great work that is done by Book Aid International.

Mrs Saunders

Head of House - Ducks