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Environmental Film Competition...

The Young People's Trust for the Environment and Eurostar are running a great competition for young people who are interested in environmental issues that will also appeal to young film-makers.
Redland Green students aged between 10 and 18 could win a trip to Brussels to discuss their views on environmental issues with members of the European Parliament.  As a bonus, they will also receive an ipod shuffle.
It's a chance for Europe's top decision makers in Brussels to listen to a new generation of environmental champions: young people are being given the chance to tell them what they've got right, what's going wrong and what they would do differently.  Or just ask those questions that no one else has thought of.
How to Enter
Students should submit a short video clip telling The Young People's Trust what they think about sustainable travel and the environment, along with 100 written words on why they should win, before the competition closing date, which is 29 February 2012.  To find out more and for some helpful hints, students should visit