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Equality Projects at Update

Black History Month

Marvin Rees was our guest speaker during Black History Month (October 2013). Marvin is a politician and ran for mayor in Bristol; he is also an equalities officer for the NHS. He was a very eloquent and engaging speaker and talked to the students about how he overcame the barriers in his life in order to succeed. He encouraged students to set themselves goals and strive towards their goals and to seek the support of positive influences and role models. During Black History Month students also engaged in mentor activities, including a quiz. 

Julian Trust Food Collection

In October 2013 a group of Year 8 students arranged a food collection for the Julian Trust Night Shelter in Bristol.  The students are completing a leadership award and one of the key areas is to make an impact in your local community. As a school we have run food collections for a number of years and the students saw this as an opportunity to continue on previous good work.  We estimated that as a school and Post 16 Centre we donated over £300 worth of items, and to recognise this effort the Julian Trust wrote a letter thanking Redland Green students for their hard work and generosity in donating so much in one collection.

The food collection has become an annual event and it is something that we look to build on and improve each year.  Thank you to all students that volunteered to help run the collection and well done on your efforts.

Anti-Bullying Week 2013

We ran a series of inclusion workshops using outside speakers and facilitators during Anti-Bullying Week in November 2013. Through these workshops students developed a greater understanding of discrimination and bullying.

The sessions examined conditions and impairment, assumptions around disabled people and challenged disablist language.

The workshops explored sexism and the challenges that both genders face with stereotypes, labeling and perceptions. The workshops allowed the students to contribute to discussions. They also included interactive activities and role-play, designed to ignite their views and help tackle sexist bullying.

The students received an assembly presentation with a general overview and introduction to racism and hate crime. The classroom sessions allowed students to explore terminology and appropriate language in relation to race and challenging racist bullying.

Blenheim Elderly Peoples' Home

Fifteen Year 10 students visited residents at a local elderly people's home in December 2013. The students sang popular Christmas carols, which many of the residents knew and so were able to join in with the singing. The care home were very welcoming and provided refreshments and mince pies. We regularly visit Blenheim to sing and it is an event we all look forward to and students gain a greater appreciation of how they are able to contribute to their community and value the contributions from people of all ages.