Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Excelling at Excellence

To mark the beginning of the new academic year Redland Green School has embraced a brand new initiative that records, acknowledges and celebrates student achievement.

This project, which intends to generate excellence throughout the school, recognises students for their excellent efforts, academic achievements, good citizenship, sporting representation and extra-curricular commitment.


The whole initiative is managed through the school’s MLE (Managed Learning Environment) and through an ICT application that updates each student’s school record. When students achieve excellence they are given notification by the teacher and through their homepage on the MLE. Mentors and Heads of House are subsequently notified and able to give immediate feedback and congratulations to the students on a daily basis.


And we are already seeing how well the initiative is working! We are delighted to announce that after just seven days there have already been over 1000 achievements logged for Excellent Effort. Well done to everyone for making such a positive start to the new academic year!