Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Fantastic M-Shed Home Learning

This term all of Year 7 and Year 8 were set the task of visiting the M-Shed and reviewing it in a format of their choice. This resulted in videos, posters, booklets, leaflets and essays pouring in over the last few weeks.
All of the Humanities teachers were extremely impressed by the students responses to the MShed Homelearning.  The standards produced have been exceptional and shown dedication, initiative and superb research by all students. Each class nominated two finalists which were then judged by SLT.

Video- Category:

1. Edward
2. Gulliver
3. Joint - Dylan, Lukha, Gabriel


Nick, Joe, Leo, Zach, Alex, Tulliss, Harriet, Harriet, Molly, Laura, Rory, Edward

Non-Video Category:

1. Charlotte
2. Leo
3. Joint - Charlotte, Mortimer & Barnaby

Ruby, Maisie, Harry, Isaac, Naimah, Emma, Evie, Lucy, Emily, Becca, Frankie 

To view the winning video review by Edward, click on the You Tube video below.
To view the winning non-video review by Charlotte, click here (please note it is 17mb, so Right Click then select Save As).