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Feeding Hungry Minds...Catering at RGS


We provide students at Redland Green with exciting, high quality, healthy food through the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients, providing students with choice and variety whilst delivering great value for money.

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We do this through talking to our students and finding out what they want us to make available to them…after all they are the ones that are eating it! We met with the Student Research Council and found that students:


Eat Well…Drink Well…Learn Well…

Our approach is to use our slogan ‘eat well, drink well, learn well’. We provide homemade, healthy food to our students, and we involve them in the menu choices. There is plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as filling, satisfying food for hungry students. We also provide wraps, baguettes, salad boxes and the occasional treat for pudding. Everything in moderation is another of our mottos!

Our menus run on a 3-week cycle. Thursdays are 100% organic. 98% of our meat is organic and all of our meat and vegetables are locally produced. Of this we are extremely proud. We also grow some of our produce on the school roof! Our roof vegetable garden has produced amongst other things potatoes, onions, carrots, squash and lots of herbs!

Our most popular dishes at the moment are pasta, wraps and our take away fish and chips on a Friday.

We like to go above and beyond for our students. They can come to us in the morning and put in an order for a wrap or baguette and we will make it up especially for them.


So the ‘sticky’ issue of fizzy drinks…we sell cans that we deem to be ‘healthy’. We have researched the fizzy drinks market and identified a number of fizzy cans that have less calories and sugar per 100ml than orange juice. Other drinks, apart from water, that are available are orange and apple juice and milk shakes. We are also keeping an eye on the market as drinks companies are becoming much more aware of the sugar content of their drinks and consumers’ demands for more healthy products.

Award Winning Catering and Food Service


Food for Life


We are very proud to have been awarded with a Bronze Food for Life Partnership Award. This is an important step that we have taken to food culture transformation and schools that work with Food for Life find that achieving the awards improves school meal take-up, attendance, increased confidence of staff and ofsted outcomes, just to name a few!


Evening Post Article

The criteria for the award were centred on four areas of development:

  • Food leadership
  • Food quality and provenance
  • Food education
  • Food culture and community involvement.

We are now working towards achieving our Silver award. For more information please go to The Food for Life Partnership Website.

Healthy Schools


We also have the status of being a Healthy School.

This is designed to promote children’s health in schools. Healthy children and young people learn better, so improving health will improve educational outcomes.

Under this accreditation we reviewed our provision for health and wellbeing across 4 areas: PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Emotional Well-being and Mental Health.

We identified our strengths and the areas for development were worked into a simple online action plan.