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Future Brunel Scheme Update

Congratulations to Fergus, Charlotte and Ewan (Year 7) who have been selected for the Future Brunel Scheme!

The Future Brunels scheme is a 5 year enrichment programme run by The Brunel Institute at the SS Great Britain. It helps encourage children that might be interested in a career in engineering to follow in the footsteps of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. To get into the Future Brunels Scheme anyone who was interested had to write a letter of application explaining why they should be chosen. In the letter people included their skills for the tasks and their interests in science, maths and other things which are helpful in engineering.  About 50 children were selected to go through to the next stage.


Fergus, Year 7 Future Brunel

In this workshop we met two people Kevin and Vicky. Kevin was from the Smallpeice Trust and Vicky from the SS Great Britain. Our task was to build a wind turbine. We didn’t have a budget but we had to spend as little as possible. To build our wind turbine we had: Paper, nuts and bolts, corrugated plastic, a generator, glue, sticky tape, lollipop sticks and a wooden dowel rod. The wind turbine was then judged by the amount of electricity it produces, its neatness and how well we worked as a team. Following the workshop 12 students were invited to take part in the final selection stage, which would take place at the SS Great Britain.


Charlotte, Year 7 Future Brunel

On the 24 May, 12 people who successfully passed the first selection day took a trip to the SS Great Britain, to take part in the second and final selection process, which decides who will be advancing into the Future Brunel Project. When we got there, we entered the presentation hall, where we discovered that there were four other schools taking part in the process as well as us. We were given name tags, which included a group number in the corner of them. We sat down at the tables whose number corresponds with the number on our name-tags. The groups we were put in had people from all four schools, so we did not know the people we were grouped with. We were first given an introduction by a volunteer for the Smallpeice Trust, and then we were set a task to build a bridge out of wood pieces and were given glue. We set to work and had a short break a few hours later. We then continued to work up until lunch. After lunch, we were allowed a hot glue gun to use. We then had to finish at 1.45pm for testing. We placed our bridges between two tables with a gap of 80cm. We then placed weights on top of our bridges to test if they would withstand the weight. Our group won over all, and our bridge withstood a weight of 4.9 kg. 


Congratulations to all the Year 7 students who took part in the selection process for the Future Brunel scheme. The standard of work produced was excellent and I know the staff from the Future Brunel scheme had a very difficult job in narrowing down the students to only three. I hope those that were not selected continue to develop their interest in science, technology, engineering and maths in school and beyond.

We wish Charlotte, Fergus and Ewan all the best as they begin this exciting five year enrichment programme and look forward to discovering the next Brunel!

Miss Diment, Gifted and talented coordinator