Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Future Brunels Scheme 2014

Three talented Year 7 students have been selected to become the ss Great Britain Trust’s next cohort of ‘Future Brunels’.

‘Future Brunels’ seeks to encourage more schoolchildren to pursue studies and a career in science and engineering, inspired by the great Victorian engineer Brunel as well as today’s engineering and science heroes.  The ‘Future Brunels’ Programme has received the Highly Commended award in the Educational Initiative category at the Museums and Heritage Awards for Excellence 2014.

The rigorous selection process took place over 2 days.  On Tuesday, 29 April fifty Year 7 students were split into groups and set a challenge, led by Rolls-Royce and Brunel’s ss Great Britain, to design and build a fan-powered car.  Twelve students were then selected to take part in the second stage. 

The successful twelve students took part in the second stage on Tuesday, 13 May.  Students were asked to create and test aqueducts in the Brunel Institute, which sits alongside the historic ship in Bristol.  This day was run by engineering educational charity The Smallpeice Trust. 

The students worked in teams of 4, each team had one student from the 4 schools involved, and based on the brief they were given, Jasper Chant and his team won ‘Runner Up’ and Kai Damani and his team won overall.  Well done to Jasper and Kai together with Luke Caton, Louis Joseph, Daisy Cooper, Kate Valentine, Anya Wheatley, Maya Desborough, Taryn Taylor and Tad Golunski.

Judges chose the ‘Future Brunels’ based on their ability, potential, enthusiasm for science and engineering and a positive attitude to team working – not simply those who achieve the highest marks at school.

Congratulations to our new Year 7 ‘Future Brunels’:

Poppy Chambers

Hermione Taylor-Morgan

Kai Damani 

These successful students now join our other ‘Future Brunels’:

Year 8 ‘Future Brunel’s’           Year 9 ‘Future Brunel’s’          Year 10 ‘Future Brunel’s’

Olivia Drake                             Adam Sidnell                          Charlotte Gale

Ibrahim Mohamad                   Harry Woodward                     Fergus Pick

Ed Stevens

“I enjoyed the trip to the ss Great Britain for the Future Brunels Scheme because I got to work with people I didn’t know before and I enjoyed building the bridges.” – Tad Golunski

“The thing that I most enjoyed about our trip to the ss Great Britain was being able to work with people who I do not know and working as a team with them.” – Louis Joseph 

“I loved the Future Brunels process of selection.  Building the cars was in my opinion the harder challenge because there were more components that could go wrong.  The aqueduct was easier to do a simple design but the winning group made a more complicated design.  I really enjoyed the experience and I developed my engineering skills over the 2 days.” – Kai Damani

“The thing that I enjoyed most… was probably designing our group’s aqueduct and creating it in a team.  Overall, I think that it was a very enjoyable day and I think the Future Brunels scheme was fantastic!” – Maya Desborough

“I really enjoyed it!  It’s a really great scheme and everyone should try it because I enjoyed it.” – Taryn Taylor

Ms K Dicks

Future Brunels Co-ordinator