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GCSE Module Exam Success at Redland Green School

Year 10 and Year 11 Redland Green School students recently celebrated their outstanding January module GCSE results.


Year 10 Results

Year 11 Results

In Year 11, the results in the new module exams were:

Again, this represents both outstanding attainment and progress for our students. 

English literature re-sit grades showed significant improvement for the students who took this paper. Unfortunately, Ofqual's decision not to issue UMS (Uniform Mark Scores) scores or grades for English language exam papers has made it impossible for us to accurately judge either the attainment or progress of the Year 11 students that re-sat an exam in this vital subject.

Rupert Maule, Deputy Head of Redland Green, commented: “We are very proud of our students’ performance. The module results give students a real indicator towards their final grades. Their outstanding grades are a reflection of the hard work and effort they made to prepare for their exams”.

GCSE exams will take place during May and June and students will receive their overall grades in August.