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German Photo Project: Can you capture your Life Through the Lens?

Starting this Week!

Students of all ages currently studying German are invited to participate in an exciting project that has been designed to develop links between Redland Green School and the Ubbo-Emmius-Gymnasium in Leer, Germany. 

There are many benefits to students developing links with peers in the country whose language they are learning, most notably developing confidence to use the language. 

In order to drive the project forward and give a purpose to communication, we are going to set weekly photo challenges to participating students.

The photo project is based on a successful project called Through Global Lenses that brought students from three schools across the world together over a period of time. The proposed weekly challenges are: 

Photo 1: Introduction

This week:  Take a photo that is not of you, but which represents you as a person. Write about who you are, where you come from, your school and the content of your photo. 

Photo 2: People

Take a photo of a person or people, but not you. Write about the person in the photo. Also say something about the people you see everyday and what they mean to you. Reflect on whether you are a person who needs to be with people, or who is comfortable in your own company. Consider who are the people who have been most influential in your life. 

Photo 3: In motion

Take a photo with movement: maybe one of your hobbies, or activities at school or outside of school. Write about your hobbies or extra-curricular activities at school, what made you choose to do them and what they give to you.

Photo 4: Lunchtime at school

Take a photo at school at lunchtime. Write about how you usually spend your lunch break, how long it is, what facilities your school offers, what you eat, what changes you would like to introduce to the school’s lunchtime routines. 

Photo 5: Inspiration from a song 

Take a photo that goes with the lyrics of a song. Write about what kind of music you like listening to, and why. Mention when, where and how you listen to music. 

Photo 6: A new perspective 

Take a photo of something you see every day from an interesting new perspective. Write about what made you choose the content of the picture, and what makes you take an interest in the world around you. 

Photo 7: My favourite 

Take a photo of your favourite something [person, piece of clothing, fashion item, place, colour, class...]. Write about your reasons for choosing the content of your photo, what makes it your favourite, and also how often your likes and dislikes change, or whether you have permanent favourites. 

Photo 8: Learning

Take a photo that somehow represents learning to you. Write about what learning means to you, where and how you learn best, school learning and home learning, and your feelings about learning. 

Photo 9: Weather 

Take a photo of the weather. Write about how the weather affects your life, your favourite and least favourite weather. 

Photo 10: Me

Take a photo of yourself that captures you smiling/laughing. Write about why you were smiling/laughing in the photo, and also share what makes you happy/unhappy.

To find out more about how to take part in this exciting photographic project take a look at the @RGSDeutsch website.