Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Governors' Welcome to 2016 - 2017

This year seems the most exciting yet in the life of Redland Green School.  Our results are excellent and not just continuing the trend but with marked improvements for our Pupil Premium students.  All groups did very well from HAPs straight through.  It is such a proud testimony to our mission that every child is developed to progress and achieve to their individual best.  Governors have monitored groups closely and these are the outcomes we aimed for.

Governors were pleased to hear the new and innovative CPD plans for the year as Redland Green moves more into digital assisted learning and teaching.  To hear the whole school commitment to maintaining high standards of progress and achievement and never giving up on any student.  We listened to the most touching stories about outstanding progress in students that teachers encouraged to the last post.  Our new ‘G’ Block opened this year and has the most amazing skyline views across Bristol plus 360-degree air flow through the open windows.  As Governors we were aware of the educational functionalities, but these are added bonuses to the learning environment, which more children can now enjoy with the increased intake.

A first this year, was the introduction of Enrichment Wednesday Afternoons, a project that governors have worked with teachers, parents and students to develop over the past 3 years.  It was such a joy to see the year 7s racing through the school with big smiles doing orienting.  A busy Deputy Head stopped to explain to me that they were searching for school grounds clues to match geographical locations around the world.

Wacky golf drew peals of laughter from a group on a grassy mound.  I later learnt it was the outcome of a recycling project as they foraged through the peace garden for found objects that could be put to clever use.  A stick became a golf club and with a bottle added a putting green hole.

Busy Lindsay from year nine was wondering around searching through bushes and wild flowers with her smart phone.  I asked her what she was doing.  She explained she was doing a bee hunt: finding and photographing bees to identify species.  She had found several and had her species identity chart to hand.  Lindsay told me how much she was enjoying her bee survey and that she had never done anything like it before.  She did not know which subject she liked best so I figured they were all too good for her to choose.

We saw children and teachers all engaged in a world of games, joy, laughter and learning as we have never seen before as governors.  And no child was excluded, every child was actively involved in something.  Plans discussed at governor meetings for three years had been brought to life, and children were in the happy, safe, learning environment that as governors we work hard to maintain.  Teachers were having as much fun, de-stressing and teaching all in one go.

On behalf of all governors a big thank you to all the staff, all the students and to our Headteacher Sarah Baker for their courage to take risks like these to make Redland Green school the special place that it is today.

Welcome back everybody and especially to our new teachers and students. We are happy to have you join us on an outstanding journey.

Lawayne Jefferson, Chair of Governors