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Great News for Bristols' Schools!

The Evening Post has run a story today (24 October) on the fantastic news that for the first time in 9 years Bristol now has better exam results than 5 other local authorities in the South West (South Gloucestershire, Somerset, Cornwall, Plymouth and Swindon)! To read the full story, which is headlined... 

'Bristol topples other authorities for GCSE results' and written by Marc Rath from the Evening Post click here.

Sarah Baker, Headteacher of Redland Green School stated, "I am very proud of the contribution Redland Green School is making to the improved results for the whole of Bristol. As Chair of Bristol Association of Headteachers and Principals, I have seen increasing confidence and collaboration among all Heads to achieve the very best results possible for Bristol schools. We now have a diversity of academies, stand alone schools, schools belonging to both local and national chains,  faith schools, trust schools, local authority schools and a free school. We meet regularly and are committed to improving not only our students outcomes but understand we have a collective responsibility to all Bristol young people. I am not surprised that the excellent teaching and leadership in Bristol schools has led to improved results, and that parents in Bristol now recognise the sustained progress made by students in our schools."