Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Headteacher's Commendations

Week Commencing 18 July 2016

Congratulations to the following students who each received a Headteacher’s Commendation for outstanding effort in their work or extra-curricular activities at school: 

Cameron C (Canada)

Evie M, (Emperor)

Daisy C, (Merganser)

Rosanna L, (Teal)

Conor S, (Widgeon)

Elise M, Year 10 (Teal), for full marks in her French mock exams and consistently high level of effort and engagement in languages.

Kate H (Harlequin)

Roisin S (Pintail)

Freya E (Savi's)

Millie R (Thekla)

Sacha J (Degodi)

Abigail P (Lakatoo)

Ella T (Mallard)

Emily S (Pintail)

Tom P (Ruppell)

Megan K (Brent)

Bella M (Cettis)

Kitty A (Egyptian)

Ben J (Eider)

Rohan D (Eider)

Lucas B (Harlequin)

Arthur S (Harlequin)

Rachel B (Hawaiian)

David H (Humes)

Molly E (Humes)

Patrick A (Humes)

Jago T (Lakatoo)

Kizzy H (Latakoo)

Charlotte P (Madagascar)

Rebecca T (Madagascar)

Zara P (Mallard)

Matilda C (Merganser)

Leon N (Pintail)

Ruby MC (Red-winged)

Ellie P (Reed)

Ryan L (Ruppell's)

Kirsten C (Ruppell's)

Max B (Snow)

Hugo W (Teal)

Abby B (Widgeon)

Levi B (Willow)

Ed T (Yemen)

Polly D (Yemen)

Conrad C (Yemen)