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Helping Post 16 Students Prepare for Exams

The LRC (Redland Green Learning Community) has researched the Philip Allan Reviews for this year and have found a number of articles which would be helpful to students preparing for the exam season.

Take a look below at the following articles and reviews. If you would like to read them please visit the Hub and ask one of the LRC staff to help you locate them.

20th Century History Review

Vol 6 No 4 April 2011, pp 30-31 ‘AQA Exam focus, Tsarist Russia 1855-1917’

Geography Review

Vol 24 No 4 April 2011, pp 11-13 ‘Question and Answer – Synoptic Questions’

Physics Review

Vol 20 No 4 April 2011

pp 18-21 ‘Young modulus and written communication’

pp 28-29 ‘Physics online – Revision’

Chemistry Review

Vol 20 No 4 April 2011, pp 6-8 ‘Answer back – What comes out of your kettle’

Biological Sciences Review

Vol 23 No 4 April 2011, pp 27-29 ‘Upgrade – Been there, done that’

A-level Law Review

Vol 6 No 3 April 2011, ‘Examination focus’:

pp  5-7 The system of precedent

pp  8-9 Murder

pp 13-15 Cracking problem questions

pp 16-19 Concepts

pp 28-29 Preparing for the AS exams

pp 31-33 How to revise

Business Review

Vol 17 No 4 April 2011, ‘Upgrade’

pp 6-7 A* performance at AQA Unit 3

pp 22-23 Get those evaluation marks

pp 26-27 Revision strategies

PE Review

Vol 6 No 3 April 2011, pp 7-9  ‘Planning your answer for AQA PHED 1 Question 7’

Sociology Review

Vol 20 No 4 April 2011, pp 32-33 ‘Exam matters – Revision techniques: Mobilise your mobile’

Politics Review

Vol 20 No 3 February 2011, pp 6-7 ‘Exam success – Revision and exam technique’

Vol 20 No 4 April 2011, pp 22-23 ‘Success at AS – How to write a good AS essay’

[this is based on OCR Govt & politics, but I think it’s generally applicable]


Issue 50 December 2010, pp 55-57 ‘No Accommodation? The language of Stanley and Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire’