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Horse Meat Food Contamination and School Dinners

You will be aware of the current horse meat food contamination issues in the news. The quality of school food has been brought into the spotlight and there have been reports of some Local Authority’s withdrawing certain meat products from school menus. You may also have heard news stories about Eden Foodservice, the company that provides contract catering services to many Bristol schools, and a Bristol based company, Greencore, a meat processing and distribution company.

Redland Green School uses its own in-house catering team rather than contract catering services. We would like to reassure you that we do not source meat products from either of the aforementioned companies. Our Catering Manager, Mrs Schofield, has been talking to her suppliers over the half-term break to obtain assurances about the meat products we receive. Our main supplier of beef and beef products, Castell Howell, have reassured her that all meat products they supply are compliant with food safety standards and are fully traceable from farm to processing unit. A statement from Castell Howell can be found on their website:

In addition, as Redland Green has been awarded a Food for Life Partnership Bronze Award, we are fully committed to ensuring the traceability, quality and provenance of food served at school.  All meat we serve fulfils the requirements of the UK Assured Food Standards (AFS) in being traceable back to the farm and meets the UK minimum animal welfare standards.  Also, as over 90% of the food we serve to students is freshly prepared, we are not reliant on processed food products.