Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

House Charities

At Redland Green School, each of our four houses supports a chosen charity. In order to select a house charity to support, the school ran a house and mentor group challenge.

Each mentor group championed a charity of their choice and presented this choice at a house assembly. Students voted for their favourite charity and the one with the most votes was chosen as the house charity which the house has been supporting throughout the year with fundraising activities.

This year's house charities are:
Larks: Cancer Research UK (dedicated to beating cancer)
Warblers: South West Children's Hospice (hospice care for children in the SW)
Geese: Brake (the road safety charity)
Ducks: Water Aid (water and sanitation for all)

This project is ongoing and we will publish an update on the funds raised for these charities at the end of the academic year.