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House Competition Update...

Here is an update on the number of points each house has earned so far this academic year (up to the end of December 2009) in their attempts to win the coveted title of Redland Green School's most 'meritous' house!

It's a hotly contested competition, with Larks winning the race last year. So far this year we have Geese in first place, closely followed by Warblers and then Larks, with Ducks at the rear of the pack! But everything could change, and the houses will have to keep up all their hard work in order secure a win.

Each house earns house points through student merits and inter-house sports (points are given for participating and for being placed).

Keep at it everyone...there's still a long way to go! Your house could still snatch the title of most 'meritous' house!

House Points Earned During Term 1 and 2, 2009/10 Academic Year

Rank House House Points
First place Geese 26,790
Second place Warblers 25,190
Third place Larks 25,120
Fourth place Ducks 24,015