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Important Information for Year 10 Students and Their Parents /Carers

Important changes to GCSE exam dates

You will have recently received your son/daughters statement of entry for the GCSE science exams in the summer. You may have noticed that there is a discrepancy between the dates we issued you with in September 2009 and the dates on the statement of entry.

The exam board made changes very recently to the dates of the exams and we did not have time to contact parents to notify you of the change before the statements of entries were issued.

The dates on the statements of entry are correct. 

Biology Unit 1 ( re-sit), 21 May 2010 am

Biology Unit 2, 22 June 2010 am

Chemistry Unit 1, 18 June 2010 pm

Physics Unit 1 (re-sit), 24 June 2010 pm