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'Keep Kids Safe', School Communication System Trial

Redland Green School is about to embark on a trial of a school communication system called "Keep Kids Safe". The system aims to improve home-school communication and allows us to send important messages to parents/carers instantly via text, voicemail or email. The system can be used to alert parents/carers when students are unexpectedly absent or at any time we need to communicate urgently with parents/carers, pupils, staff and support agencies in a timely, discrete and personalised manner.


Many schools throughout the country are now using such a communication system and have reported significant positive outcomes in helping raise pupil participation, punctuality and parental/carer engagement.

A test "Welcome" message was sent out from school on Tuesday, 19 October, which we hope most people will have received. The system utilises the contact details that we already hold on our school database. When we send a message it will go to those contacts who were identified on Students' Data Collection Sheets as being the "Priority 1" emergency contact, and for whom we have a mobile phone number recorded. If we do not have a mobile number, an automated voice mail message will be sent to their landline number. An email message will also be sent to those ‘Priority 1’ contacts where we have an email address. As such, to enable the system to work effectively it is imperative that we have up-to-date contact details for all parents/carers of our students. There will undoubtedly be some teething problems to start with until we can be sure on the accuracy of the contact details we currently hold. If you did not receive a text, voice or email message from us this week, or if you have any questions about the system, please contact Mrs S Millman via If you think that we have incorrect or incomplete contact information for you, please let us know and we can amend the database accordingly. We would be grateful to have mobile phone and email contacts for as many people as possible to help ensure the system operates to its full potential.

For further information on the "Keep Kids Safe" system, please visit their website at:  

Mr M Farmer, Director of Finance and Administration