Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Ofsted: ‘a good school where student achievement is outstanding’

Redland Green School recently had its second Ofsted Inspection and has been recognised once again as a good and improving school. The school is especially pleased that inspectors identified student achievement as ‘outstanding’, describing our students as ‘friendly and articulate, who say they enjoy school’.

The report’s findings demonstrate that the school has managed the challenge of its growth well and is providing the students of north Bristol with a challenging and rewarding place to learn where they are making good progress academically.

Strong, Flexible Academic Programme

In terms of the academic achievements of the school, Ofsted reports that students enter the school with above average standards, and this high attainment is maintained as they move through the school. The quality of the teaching is good, the curriculum broad and balanced and the strong academic programme for the more able is sufficiently flexible to ensure that it meets the needs of those with a variety of interests, aspirations and abilities. Students make good progress over time, which led Ofsted to judge achievement as ‘outstanding’ overall.

Students enjoy Redland Green School where they feel very safe. The vertical mentoring system is working well and encourages ‘supportive relationships between students of different year groups’. In addition, students feel they are supported well by members of staff and their heads of house. As a result, there is good behaviour in the school and a low incidence of bullying.

Ambitious Vision

Leaders and managers have an ambitious vision for the school; priorities are strongly focused on raising students’ achievement and targets are challenging. There is high quality support provided for students who find learning more difficult and a strong focus on providing equality of opportunity for all students, whatever their ability or aptitude.

Parents/carers are happy with their child’s experience and say that their child enjoys coming to school and is making enough progress. Ofsted also reports that parents/carers feel that teaching is good. 

Headteacher Sarah Baker said, “We are pleased the Ofsted team was able to see the progress we have made since the last report in May 2008, particularly in the key areas of learning and teaching, and self evaluation. As Ofsted says, we ‘know our school’.  They also recognised the good leadership in the school at all levels. Areas identified for development coincide with those already in our school improvement plan for which we have strategies in place. We are now working towards teaching and learning improving still further from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ and are keen to ensure that every lesson enthuses and stimulates our students, whatever their ability.”


Chair of Governors Annemieke Waite said, “We are delighted that the report highlights as 'outstanding' our students' achievement and the extent to which they enjoy their learning, along with 'outstanding' attainment and 'outstanding' attendance. Our students are clearly achieving very highly, enjoy coming to school, and we now look forward to August 2011 when we can expect our first set of GCSE results to be excellent.” 

Ms Waite continued, “The report makes clear that not only do students feel happy and safe in school, but our parents/carers also share that feeling. It is clear that Redland Green School, headed up by an excellent Strategic Leadership Team, is going from strength to strength.”

Post 16

At post 16 level, Ofsted reported that Redland Green Post 16 Learning Community (part of the North Bristol Post 16 Centre) also provides a ‘good’ standard of education. Students’ learning and progress are now good and their attainment is above average. The teaching in the centre is good, students are well cared for and appreciate the support they are given by tutors and teachers. Students’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are good and they are developing into responsible young adults. Leaders and managers of the centre have high expectations and the drive and ambition to further improve provision for the students of north Bristol.

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