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MP Stephen Williams Visits Redland Green School

Last week, Redland Green School was delighted to welcome Stephen Williams MP to our school. In recent months there has been considerable press coverage about the changes to student finance and the increase in University tuition fees. Year 11 Redland Green students have been so concerned about this thorny issue that as part of their Citizenship course, students decided to invite Bristol West’s MP, Stephen Williams, to the school to discuss University tuition fees and student funding with them.

This initiative paid off and Mr Williams visited Year 10 and Year 11 students last week during an extended assembly. He spent some time talking to students about how he arrived in politics and why he chose to become an MP and be a representative of the Liberal Democrat Party. He then took part in a really interesting Question and Answer session with students, where topics that were important to our students were covered including University tuition fees, GPs, eco-issues and the coalition.

Stephen Williams MP Visting Redland Green School

Mr Williams’ visit was particularly relevant for students because active participation in politics is part of the Citizenship curriculum, and GCSE Citizenship Studies requires students to understand how to engage with the Government and to know how their voices can be heard.  It is also important to have a clear understanding of the work that MPs carry out and the decision-making process in Parliament so that they can take an active role as citizens in effecting decisions in the future.

Headteacher, Sarah Baker stated “We were very pleased that Stephen Williams MP was able to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to our Year 10 and 11 students. Our students have followed the Higher Education student funding debate with great interest and made good use of this opportunity to challenge Mr Williams with lively questions about student funding, and their other very real political concerns. Mr Williams responded from his personal and political position and also provided an informative insight in to coalition politics. This was a great opportunity for the students of Redland Green School to feed back about how the changes in government will impact on their lives and the future of all Higher Education students”.

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Redland Green Students Attending Assembly with Stephen Williams MP