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Maths Challenge Success for RGS

On Thursday, 4 February, Year 9 and 10 Mathematics students took part in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge set by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust.  The challenge was very difficult and involved problem solving of a range of mathematical situations. 

RGS entered 114 students to participate and I am pleased to announce that Cameron Alsop was awarded 'Best in School' after achieving a high score of 92 - an outstanding result.  Eight of our students received a Gold Award, 21 received a Silver Award and 25 received a Bronze.

Well done to all students who participated and particular congratulations to those students who were awarded certificates.

Due to their excellent achievement, Cameron (Egyptian), Jethro (Madagascar) and Thomas (Barnacle) have been invited to take higher National challenge papers on Thursday, 18 March.  We wish them all the very best.

Best in School  
Year 10 Cameron
Year 10  Cameron, Thomas, Carmel, Jessica, David, Joe, Ben
Year 9  Jethro
Year 10 Amy, William, Christopher, Antonia, Harry, Cameron, Matthew, Eddy, Jack, Zachery, Jasmine, Joe, Peter, Madeline
Year 9 Megan, Brodie, Ellen, Thomas, Emily, Zoe, Josh
Year 10 Jack, Kathryn, Sophie, Esme, Sophie, Anna, Callum, Francesca, Harry, Josh, Georgia, Isobel, Kabir
Year 9 Anna, Hannah, James, Karis, Rhiannon, Gregory, Jake, Holly, Fiona, Finlay, Molly, Naz

Mr S Evans, Curriculum Team Leader of Mathematics