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Matt Dickinson, Writer, Film-maker and Mountaineer, Visits RGS

Yesterday we were delighted to welcome Matt Dickinson (@dickinson_matt) to Redland Green to talk to various groups of students about his books, film-making and adventures in Antarctica and on Everest.

Matt is a writer of books for young adults, his most recent being The Everest Files, the first of a trilogy of books looking at the dark side of Everest and the extremes people will go to get to the very top of the world. Click here to find out more about The Everest Files.

Matt has filmed programmes for National Geographic Television, the Discovery Channel and the BBC and is one of the very few director/cameramen to have ever filmed on the summit of Mount Everest.

Below is a clip from one of Matt's films from the summit of Mount Everest.


Matt spent the morning talking to our Year 9, 10 and 11 students about his film-making experiences. He described his expeditions to Antarctica and his climb to the top of Everest. In particular, Matt is interested in the darker side of these expeditions and this is clear not only in his writing but also in his fascinating talks. For example, students learnt about 'squatters' on Everest; other climbers who carelessly use other people's tents and equipment and leave them trashed and unusable. What also came across from Matt's talk was that he is interested in the emotional experiences as well. You learn about the good as well as the bad side of human nature; the best and the worst. And in these sorts of harsh environments, this behaviour is magnified.

He went on to talk about global warming and how it is affecting the glaciers of the Himalayas and the stress that is growing between the Sherpa and the Western team leaders of expeditions in the Himalayas. A relationship that is becoming more strained and difficult as the years pass.

Matt also talked to a group of Year 8 boys about creative writing and the day ended with a group of Year 9 students and a session on extreme environments.

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Matt stated about his visit to us: "Redland Green is one of around 100 schools I will be visiting around the UK but I never get tired of school visits. They are always challenging and a lot of fun. Today it is Redland Green School. The students have been very responsive and asked some penetrating questions".