Redland Green School

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National Anti-Bullying Week 2009

Minimising bullying is extremely high on Redland Green School’s agenda. To this end, we run an annual survey monitoring bullying in the school. If you would like to see the results of this they are published on our website (


In addition to our survey, Redland Green School have organised a number of activities and projects in association with this year’s National Anti-Bullying Week.


Firstly, we have developed a new leaflet, which has been designed by one of our Year 10 students, Daisy. She was specifically selected for this project for her talents in ADT. A small group of students were used as a focus group to research what information should be included in the leaflet.


The leaflet aims to inform our students of how we deal with bullying as a school. The message is that we say ‘NO’ to bullying. It is unacceptable in our school and as we are a ‘telling’ school, we need to inform someone if we see bullying of any sort. The leaflet also publicises our new ways of reporting bullying by text message and email, which are in addition to our Bully Box located in the Vista (library). The leaflet also has a detachable card (credit card size) with all the important contact information on it, which can be pulled off and kept in students wallets.


Secondly, we are having two assemblies the week before National Anti-Bullying Week to promote our leaflet and the activities associated with Anti-Bullying Week.


Thirdly, we have organised a competition in Mentor Time to design a ‘Stay Safe in Cyber-Space’ themed wallpaper for our school computer network. The winning wallpaper entry will be put on our whole school network for one month.


Finally, we are making a pack of resources/books available to Mentors in our library, so they can continue looking at the theme of bullying with their Mentor Groups throughout Anti-Bullying Week. These include fiction and non-fiction books and poetry.

If you would like any more information on anti-bullying measures at Redland Green School please contact Ms Williams on 0117 353 3200.