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New DofE Blog Entry...The Penultimate Walk!

By Cameron, Warbler House - to read Cameron's other Blog entries, click here.

The Penultimate Walk!

It was the beginning of our penultimate walk. This may not have been our final walk but we would be carrying the same amount of kit and we would be walking the same distance, 25km! We arrived at school early; and again it was cold. We were given a quick briefing and then we were off on the mini bus again. We trundled along the duel carriageway at about 35 miles an hour and eventually arrived at Marlborough.

It was still cold but the sun was beaming down on us and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day.  We were eager to get going so we got our rucksacks on and began. Being such a pro at map reading I decided that I would navigate the first leg of our trip, and without many stops we were at the end of our first leg. Time seemed to fly and after a few minor diversions we had arrived at our campsite before any of the other groups!  

We unpacked our stuff and just lay on the floor for at least 45 minutes. Then we clambered to our feet and set out our tents. When they were up we sat around and just chillaxed. After a while we lit up our Trangers (cookers) and cooked some pretty crusty soup. Well at least the main would be better! We had pasta, which was definitely better than the soup anyway and to round off a pretty fun day, brownies. Then after a bit more talking round the fire we climbed into our tents and attempted to sleep.

You may think this would be easy after an exhausting day but I just couldn’t sleep. We were all up till at least 1am and then I awoke in the night at about 4am absolutely freezing. One piece of advice, as long as you’re dry keep your clothes on or you will freeze if it’s a clear sky. So at about 6am I was re-awoken by the girls who were getting us up to start our second leg of our walk. So after a bad night’s sleep and a freezing campsite we were all pretty cheesed off. We packed up our tents and set off. I was already exhausted before we even set off.

We knew we were in for another hard day; well at least it had warmed up. On our second leg we were without our instructor who had been our saviour on our first leg. Navigating was hard in this heat so we knuckled down and walked. We walked and we walked. The sun beat down on us relentlessly and we were all out of water. Tired, hot, thirsty, hungry, our energy levels on empty, we began to argue. As you can imagine this did not help but we needed to get there so we all just calmed down and had a long think about what we were doing. I was thinking about one thing the instructor had said. ‘There are 3 types of fun. Type 1 is fun while you are doing it. Type 2 is not much fun at the time but when you look back it was a fun experience and finally type 3, is not really fun and is basically when something is not fun then or afterwards. I was just hoping this was going to be type 2 fun not type 3!

As we approached our last leg of the final day we could almost touch the finish line but we were not there yet. We picked up the pace and pushed for the finish line and suddenly... civilisation, people and houses started to appear. And there it was, the car park! This was our finish line and we basically sprinted down the hill. Our aching sore bodies just forgot about the pain and we ran all the way down the hill to the car park and collapsed on the floor. We had done it! And now looking back at the walk, it was definitely type 2 fun!