Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

New! Literacy Mural in Stairwell between Main School and Post 16 Libraries

Over the last year Redland Green School has been having a real push to improve literacy. We have made great steps toward this; most importantly making literacy visible to both staff and students.

As part of this drive we decided we would improve the stairwell space between the Hub and Vista Learning Resource Centres (our libraries) by using the space to promote reading. We wanted a mural to fill the space and invited Andy Council, a local graffiti artist famous for designing dinosaurs made out of Bristol buildings, to design and draw the piece for us.

Andy came into school in July to work with a number of students from Year 7 to Year 9 to collect ideas and work on the design. He initially considered designing a dinosaur out of books but when he asked the students if the school had any animals associated with it a Year 8 student suggested he incorporate the four birds of our School Houses (Geese, Ducks, Warblers and Larks). Students then produced initial sketches of what this would look like. Andy then took this initial inspiration and created an amazing mural for us. Take a look at the photographs and the video below to see how the mural developed and ended up!


Click on the youtube video below to watch a time-lapse film of Andy drawing and painting the mural.