Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Non-Uniform Fundraising Day

On the Wednesday before half term, RGS held a non-uniform day to raise money for our partner school in India, the Hope Foundation School, Bhuj. The event was organised by some students as part of an ASDAN qualification in Personal Effectiveness, in which they were required to demonstrate working as part of a team and exploring international links.

The students decided to help the Hope Foundation School after learning about the difficulties some children in Bhuj have suffered after the devastating earthquake of 2001. They organised the whole event, from gaining permission from the Headteacher, choosing the date, advertising the event and speaking to staff and students.  They also met representatives of the Hope School who were visiting RGS, explaining why they wanted to help.  The total raised was over £950, which is all being given to our partner school to help others have a good education.  This is a fantastic achievement by our students, so many congratulations to Patrick, George, Millie, Daljit, Rebecca, Alfie, and Hassan.

"It felt good to know that all the little things we did made a big difference to the lives of children"  George

"I was very proud to raise money for the Hope Foundation school in Bhuj, India" Millie

"It made me feel good to raise money to help a child's future be better"  Hassan

"We all did small things and we all worked together and got a good result" Daljit

Mr T Harvey

Coordinator of Foundation Tier Learning