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Our A-Level Physics Girls Talk Positives and Negatives with Nancy Jackson from BBC Radio Bristol!

While the Institute of Physics has just published a new study that shows that nearly half of all state schools in England do not send any girls on to study A-level physics, Nancy Jackson from BBC Radio Bristol came into Redland Green on Tuesday (2 October 2012) to talk to some of our physics girls to see what they thought. You can hear their interview with Nancy on the BBC Radio Bristol website by clicking on the link below:

To summarise the interview: Our girls were determined to take on the boys at physics and stated that they thought the divide was lessening between the girls and the boys. They also thought that more girls were being encouraged to take up physics and that if the 'geeky' barrier could be broken down further that would help more!

In terms of girls taking physics, Redland Green School definitely bucks the national trend. Of our latest cohort of students starting GCSE physics (Year 10) 60% of  them are girls and 15% of the students studying A-level physics are girls. 

As a Specialist Science School we are very proud that one of the strengths of our school is our science results and the ability and attainment of our students, both girls and boys. This was supported by our recent GCSE results. 86% of our students achieved at least two science GCSEs at A*-C, 119 students took and achieved triple sciences of which over 75% of the grades were A or A*. In maths 89% of all our students achieved A*-C.

And it's not just our students that have been striving to do well in physics at Redland Green School. Last year we had four teachers taking physics AS level (and two taking biology) to consolidate the outstanding teaching of physics throughout Key Stage 3 and 4. All of the teachers taking physics got As!

Finally, congratulations to Ms Webb, highly esteemed physics teacher at Redland Green School, who recently became a Doctor! Our students at the school are very lucky to be taught by such a highly qualified and enthusiastic member of staff! Well done Dr Webb! You can also hear Dr Webb talk to the BBC on the above media clips.

A level physics students being interviewed by Nancy from BBC Radio Bristol