Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Product Design Students Receive Bag Press from FORGS

Thank you to FORGS (Friends of Redland Green School) who funded a new Bag Press for Post 16 and GCSE students at the school.

While it is great being able to discuss and study real processes in books and on You Tube, there is no substitute for real life equipment and experiences that students can actually touch and use. Our Year 12 Product Design students thought the Bag Press was a brilliant piece of equipment and want to use it in their projects later on in the year. Year 10 GCSE students will be using it in February next year. The process allows thin layers of wood to be glued together and then held by the vacuum in a curved shape. The shape will be retained once the mould is taken out of the bag and the press can be used to make anything from skate boards to chairs. 

The new bag press in action...