Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

Progress of our students places RGS in the top 4% of schools nationally

Last week, the Department for Education released online reports to schools, evaluating the attainment and progress of a school’s GCSE student cohort compared to all schools nationally.

Past reports for Redland Green School have always been positive but this year’s report is the school’s best in its history, with the school placed in the top 4% of all schools for the progress all students make from their individual starting points. As part of our school values, we seek to give everyone the opportunity to shine within a culture of excellence. We are delighted to see that the emphasis we place on progress for all students has been recognised in this way.

Based upon a national mean of 1000 points, Redland Green’s value added score of 1042.2 indicates that, on average, students at RGS achieve seven GCSE grades higher across their best eight subjects than the national rate of progress.

At a subject level, our core subjects of English, mathematics and science are all placed in the top 16% of all schools for student progress with science in the top 2%. Such success is not limited to the core subjects with the Humanities department placed in the top 3% of all schools.

Currently there is a keen focus on the achievement of disadvantaged students nationally and the report highlights the outstanding achievement of these students at Redland Green School. The percentage of disadvantaged students exceeding expected progress in both English and mathematics is in line with the national average for all non-disadvantaged students – an outstanding outcome.

This outstanding progress has been achieved through the hard work of our students and teachers and is a result of the support of parents and the exceptional leadership of our pastoral and subject teams. The performance of students in English and mathematics is double-weighted in the online report and these outstanding statistics reflect the high-performing status of these subject areas when compared to all departments nationally. Congratulations to everyone involved.