Redland Green School

RGS Bristol

RGS Expansion - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is being proposed?

The proposal is to complete the southern wing of RGS with a 3-storey extension, for which planning permission was granted at the time of the original planning application for the construction of the school, but which was not constructed at that time due to funding restrictions.

  1. Why a new building now?

The proposed build is to support Bristol City Council in its response to the current shortage of secondary school places in north Bristol due to a growing number of secondary school applications.

  1. Why is Planning Permission being sought?

Full planning approval is required due to a change in the configuration of the windows, and the new building now being detached from the existing build via short bridge links in order to minimise disruption to the school environment during the build process.

  1. What stage is the Planning Application at?

A planning application was submitted to Bristol City Council Planning Office on Friday, 15 January 2016. There will be a short delay in it appearing on the Bristol City Council Planning Portal.

  1. Where can I find details of the plans?

Full details of the planning application can soon be found on the Bristol City Council Planning Portal by searching under Redland Green School. A copy of the plans submitted to Planning is also available on the Redland Green School website under ‘Latest News’.

  1. Who is involved in the build?

Skanska (builders) are working with Bristol City Council, Redland Green School, and the Local Education Partnership (LEP). The architects are AWW.

  1. What is the timetable for the build?

Building work will start during the February 2016 break and be completed prior to the start of the next academic year in September 2016. 

  1. What will the building look like and where will it be located?

The new building will be similar in appearance and scale to the existing North Bristol Post 16 Centre which it will sit alongside.

  1. How will the new building affect student numbers?

The new building will house 8 additional standard classrooms and 2 multi-purpose rooms which would enable Redland Green School to expand to an 8-form entry school admitting an additional 27 students to Year 7 in September 2016 and each coming year until 2020, thereby increasing the school’s capacity.

  1. Will the school’s catchment area be extended?

No, the building and subsequent increase in student numbers is to accommodate oversubscription within Redland Green School’s area of First Priority, which will remain unchanged.

  1. Will there be an increase in the number of students admitted to the North Bristol Post 16 Centre?

No, this is not foreseen.

  1. How will the road system around the school be affected by the building works?

The new building will arrive in modular form to reduce the amount of vehicular traffic to and from the school site. Vehicle movements during the build will be timetabled, avoiding the start and end of the school day, and a banks man will be on site to direct the traffic.

  1. Can additional trees be planted to soften the impact of the building on the neighbouring houses?

Yes, further tree planting along the boundary will be carried out.

  1. Can the new building be lighter in colour than the building which it will sit alongside?

This question has been raised, but due to planning considerations the external cladding of the new building will match that of the existing neighbouring building. 

  1. What will the new building be called?

The new building will be called ‘G’ Block. 

  1. Why are there only classrooms and no other facilities in the new building?

Funding has only been provided for additional classrooms, to assist Redland Green School in providing additional school spaces to respond to oversubscription within its area of First Priority. The building has been designed to enable the school to accommodate projected student numbers for the year 2020.

  1. How will the new classrooms be used?

The classrooms will be used for timetabled lessons across all years from Year 7 to Year 13.

  1. How will the two multi-purpose rooms be used?

At present, these are foreseen to be bookable spaces to facilitate small group assemblies, seminars, events and exams. There is the potential for them to be used by students during break and lunch times.