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RGS Radio Team visit Heart FM to see how the Professionals do it!

Students and staff involved in 'Radio Waves' (Redland Green School's recently launched radio station), got the opportunity to visit Heart FM Bristol and watch the breakfast show in action today. This was a fantastic chance for the Radio Waves presenters to watch and learn from the professionals, Ed, Troy and Paulina!

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We arrived at the station and were welcomed in to the breakfast show studio by Jay, the producer. We then got to watch the last hour of the show, from 9am until 10am. While we were there the breakfast show team were really welcoming and showed the students how the show is put together and how they work together to make everything run smoothly. We watched the team take a phone call from a listener and then carry out some post-production on the item to make it snappy and slick. This was done in a matter of 30 seconds! Very impressive to see.

Ed, Troy and Paulina shared their stories of how they got into radio presenting...very varied stories including Troy who came into radio through university radio station and Paulina who initially worked in radio promotions. But what was completely apparent, despite the varied routes to where they are now, all three of the presenters were completely passionate and committed to presenting on the radio, and to ultimately engaging with their listeners and making them smile. Given that they have to be up at 4.30am, they would have to love their job!

The Heart FM team also gave the students lots of advice on getting organised, planning their shows and what to talk about! The main message was 'planning, planning, planning' and talk about what you are interested in and passionate about! 

It was a great morning meeting Ed, Troy and Paulina, as well as Jay the show's producer. Thank you very much for hosting us today and thank you for the Heart FM mugs that you gave us all!