Redland Green School

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RGS Sports Personality Award

At the end of each term the PE Department will be nominating students for a Sports Personality of the Term Award. This began in Term 2 and will continue for each term throughout the rest of the year.
Students can be nominated for the prize for a variety of reasons and this is based on their overall performance in lessons.  Students that received the award this term were nominated for excellent effort, coaching other students in lessons, always showing a positive attitude and for many other reasons. One student from each PE class will receive a Sports Personality award.  
The winners from Term 2 are:
Year 7 - Elise, Chloe, Sacha, Leah, Will, Oscar, Harri and Tobias.
Year 8 - Isobel, Ruby, Lattia, Elinor, Joe, Laurence, Henry and Joe.
Year 9 - Esme, Georgia, Hettie, Amelia, Tom, Louis, Edward and Matthew.
Year 10 - Alexandra, Martha, Ellie, Emma, Luke, Max, Matty and Leo.
Year 11 - Kyiah, Ella, Ellie, Mina, Fraser, Louis, Dom and Callum.
Sports Leaders - Sam, Angus, Cesca and Izzie.
Congratulations to all of you on your hard work and effort.